Capturing the Spirit

Photographic Art Pieces

Wall Art

Take the time

Having a professional portrait of your horse, or you and your horse, is something most of us horse owners want, but never take the time to do. I like art and I like decorating my walls with it. The way I look at it, I might as well decorate my walls with photographs of my horses, dogs and all my animals rather than someone else’s. I like to think of it as bringing everyone into the home.

About the Shoot

The shoot can be very simple or very elaborate. First we meet, either in person at the stable or via text/email/phone. We will discuss your ideas of what you would like for the final image and how to make it work. I like to plan as much inadvance as possible, because, as we know, horses are unpredictable. We might have one idea and your horse has another. It’s ok, we just go with it.

I suggest a formal portrait of you and your horse and then we can photograph one of you riding your horse or one of your horse running free in an open field. For black background images and portraits I prefer to use lights and a backdrop. I realize most people are pressed for time nowadays, but it’s best to take the time and get things done correctly. I understand that AI is very realistic, but there are subtle things like shadows and the highlights that I like to control and customize for each inidividual.